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Freedom IRA from Nabers Group provides a fully Self-Directed IRA, with checkbook control—so you can buy alternative investments, including real estate, private lending, startups, digital assets and more.

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Every retirement plan from Nabers Group is fully self directed

Checkbook Control

The Freedom IRA is fully self directed, with checkbook control. You sign the checks. You decide what to invest in.

Full Investment Options

Invest in real estate, digital assets, precious metals, startups, & private lending, in addition to stocks, bonds, funds, and ETFs

Rollover Existing Accounts

Rollover existing retirement money from your IRA, 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Keogh, 457, 403(b), any other defined contribution accounts.

IRS Approved Legal Structure

The Freedom IRA structure has been officially legal since 1989. Nabers Group attorneys have led the way.

Fast, Secure Setup Process

Setup normally takes less than one business day. Documents are protected with 256 bit encryption.

No Custodial Risk

The Freedom IRA gives you self-custody and eliminates the custodial risk.



Diversify Into Alternative Investments

Uncorrelated assets can provide superior performance and protection

Real Estate

Rental Property, Hotels, Apartment Syndications, Crowdfunding Platforms, Hard Money Loans, and more

Private Lending

Promissory Notes, Private Debt, Mortgage Notes, Land Contracts, Royalty Financing, and more

Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
ETFs, Physical Precious Metals, Storage Vaults, Self Storage

Digital Assets

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins & Other Cryptocurrencies Purchased Through Your Exchange or Provider of Choice

Hedge Funds

Long/Short, Multi-Strategy, Offshore, Master Feeder, Crypto, Systematic & Any Other Type of Hedge Fund


Invest in Startups as an Angel Investor, Through Crowdfunding Platforms, or as a Venture Capital Investor — Seed, A, B, C, D Rounds

Life Settlements

Invest in Life Settlements Directly or Through a Diversified, Professionally Managed Life Settlement Fund

Private Equity

Invest in Private Equity Directly or Through a Diversified, Professionally Managed Private Equity Fund

"Prior to dealing with Nabers Help Team, other retirement affiliated companies I have worked with have been either unavailable for great lengths of time, slow to never returning calls or emails, and have failed to carry out promised services. Nabers Help Team's amazing service has been a great stress reliever for me. Thanks for everything you've been doing to make retirement what it's supposed to be!"


"Support that actually responds in a timely manner AND is also nice in their responseā€¦I thought that went the way of the Dinosaurā€¦lol Thank you so much!!!"

Jason S

"You were able to answer all my questions and I think while your competition knows the biz as wellā€¦.you had actual scenarios to share, deep knowledge, online training and your pricing best in class"


"Rachel is always thorough and clear to answer my questions! Great people and company to work with :-)"

Client and Real Estate Investor

"It was very simple to perform the steps and get my money in my hands and under my control. And I felt great after I got it finished."

Client Since 2012

"I actually feel free and like I will get to retire. I see freedom and joy in the future versus worry and concern."

Client Since 2014

"I set up my self directed account in 2006. The process to setting it up and the support is really great. The thing I really like about Nabers Group is empowering people to take charge of their own circumstances and life and to be responsible."

Client Since 2006

"My main objective was to take control of my retirement funds, and to feel empowered to invest them the way I wanted."

Client Since 2011

"Words canā€™t describe my appreciation for the trail blazing work done by the Nabers Group team and dedication to your program."

Client & Real Estate Investor

"I wanted to send a Big, HUGE THANK YOU! I set up my account in 2009... Working with you is like having an extended family. I can now call the Nabers Group team great friends."

Client and Small-business owner

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Not all IRA accounts or providers are created equal. Learn the differences and make an education decision to benefit your financial future.

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Easily move funds from pre-existing retirement accounts through your newly formed IRA and into your LLC for full checkbook control and self directed investing.

Self Direct Your Investments

Make investments—such as real estate, bitcoin, startups, and private lending—directly from your LLC, instantly.

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